The Health Centre is a member of Waitaha Primary Health Organisation (WPHO)

  Normal Hours   Normal Hours
Adults 65+ $42.00    
Adults 24-64 $44.00   $75.00 
Adults 18 to 24  $34.00   $50.00
Adults 18+ (CSC) $19.50   $45.00
Children 14-17   $22.00   $70.00
Children 14-17 (CSC/HUC)  $13.00   $50.00
Enrolled Children under 14 yrs  FREE   $35.00
ACC Adults 18+  $25.00   $45.00
ACC Adults 18+ (with CSC) $19.50   $19.50
ACC Children 14-17  $13.00   $45
ACC Children 14-17 (with CSC) $13.00   $40.00
ACC Under 14 yrs  FREE   FREE
Prescriptions $20.00    


The above charges are for a standard 15 minute appointment, if a consultation involves travel to see a patient, extended time, multiple family problems, procedure or supplies, other charges will apply.

Under our Terms of Trade, any services not paid for on the day will incur a $5 account surcharge.

We accept cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard/Visa.

There is an additional charge of $60 in addition to the normal consultation fee if a patient is seen outside normal business hours.

Payment Instructions

Details  You can pay for your visit by cash or card at reception or make payments online using internet banking.

Our bank account number is 03-1582-0416624-00